About Us

Home Mortgage Ninja is an online weblog dedicated to providing accurate information on home mortgage loans and financing, making information easily and readily available to the general public in need of them.


Eucarl Pharmacy was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of service the general public.

Our Goal

Information, they say is power. Our aim, therefore, is to provide adequate home mortgage information to the general public to sensitize them on steps to secure mortgage loans, best mortgage banks and agents and refinancing.

Our Values

Honesty in our dealings, transparency, professionalism, proactivity, commitment, and solidarity.


We plan on being the best reference domain in the Home Mortgage publisher’s world.

Social Responsibility

We need not be told as we are well aware that the fairer and also egalitarian informative community gives numerous opportunities to people and at the same time quality of life for everyone.

So, for those who seek to learn better and easy ways to secure Mortgages for their homes or refinance, our contribution will have a positive effect on their lives and this is what we intend to uphold as we all know that little actions can transform people’s perspective of seeing life and also can open new doors.

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